The Other Side of Black Rock

The Other Side of Black RockThe Other Side of Black Rock
by John W Fort

For: ages 11-15

A novel using analogy to help adolescents understand both the allure and danger of pornography. In this story a young boy growing up in a rigid society discovers a secret place where he finds a dragon, which represents pornography. While he never seems to quite measure up in his village, the dragon always makes him feel wanted. The only problem is, the boy has always been taught that dragons are evil. This dragon, however, does not seem as bad as he was told, making him wonder if the adults really understand.

As he grows the boy finds it increasingly difficult to keep his two lives separate—his duties as an apprentice to the religious cast and his friendship with the forbidden dragon. He eventually discovers secrets no one warned him about, beyond Black Rock mountain, where the dragon lives.
Posted: Oct 23, 2015,
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Author: John Fort
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