Posted: Oct 23, 2015

Who Calls Me Beautiful

Betrayal of any kind erodes a woman’s sense of personal beauty. This book skillfully chips away at the facade of femininity—the belief that a woman’s body is more important than her character. Regina Franklin helps us see true beauty and self-worth starts inside and radiates outward.
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Posted: Oct 23, 2015

Why Wait?

What Singles Need to Know About Sex and Dating

What Singles Need to Know About Sex and Dating is a faith-based book designed to answer young people's most common and pressing sex-related questions. Singles and teens get the insight they need to make up their minds about where they stand on issues surrounding premarital sex and dating.
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Posted: Oct 16, 2015

Winning the Battle Within

One of the more excellent books on looking into the heart of what leaves so many trapped in compulsive sexual sin. This is a book primarily about the spiritual aspects required to find freedom from bondage.
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