Planned Purity for Parents

Planned Purity for ParentsPlanned Purity for Parents
by Jennie Bishop

For: Parents of children ages 10 - 12

A clearly laid out training method for parents to follow with children to prepare them to deal with sexual pressures as they grow. Includes scripts and object lessons parents can use at different ages.

In this groundbreaking purity training method for parents, best-selling children's author Jennie Bishop shares the key to sexual purity and an honorable life: a good heart. Using Planned Purity, any reader can construct a household of purity for themselves, a child or a family. A resource section with parent/child scripts, object lessons and more makes this guide a must-have for any mom or dad planning for purity in today's sexualized culture. What's inside:
· The simple secret of a pure life that even a child can understand
· Family strategies for nurturing pure hearts, leading directly to the pursuit of sexual purity
· Keys to raising children who refuse to view pornography
· Initiative to overcome personal struggles as you evaluate your own pursuit of purity<
· Encouragement to help others live free of the effects of selfishness and sexual license
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