Posted: Oct 16, 2015

No Stones

In this book Marnie C. Ferree offers a unique resource for women struggling with sexual addiction. Taking her book's title from the parable where Jesus extends grace to the woman caught in adultery, Ferree bravely shares her own story of sexual addiction, recalling her years of shame from living a double life and the moment when she ultimately had to tell the truth.
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Posted: Oct 23, 2015

No Trespassing

I'm God's Property

This book is unique in that it is written by a teenager to teenagers. Leah discusses openly and frankly the temptation teens experience and the emotions behind the choices that all will face. Written mainly for teen girls.
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Posted: May 22, 2017


What Happens When You Get Real, Get Honest, and Get Accountable

Despite high-minded ideals, temptation always seems to loom around the corner, threatening to derail us into a desperate world of secret behavior and covered-up indiscretions. From families to marriages to businesses, on a scale as global as the credit default swap meltdown or as personal as our last session on the Internet, we are suckers for bad ideas.
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Posted: May 22, 2017

Out of the Shadows

Understanding Sexual Addiction

Sex is at the core of our identities. And when it becomes a compulsion, it can unravel our lives.Out of the Shadows is the premier work on this disorder, written by a pioneer in its treatment.
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Posted: May 11, 2017

Pandora's Box is Open

This is a book to help parents whose children have already been exposed to pornography and are having a difficult time letting go of it. It includes written exercises for children and parents and is therefore most suited for older children and teens. The book also includes research on how pornography affects the brains of adults and children, which can be helpful in working with older children and teens.
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Posted: Oct 23, 2015

Parenting the Internet Generation

Internet pornography is just one of the dangers facing your kids online. Have you thought about what else your kids are facing? This free ebook from Covenant Eyes helps parents know how keep their children safe online.
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Posted: Sep 27, 2017

Passion Pursuit - What Kind of Love are You Making?

This new study, Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love Are You Making?, lets God’s Word speak about sex as being holy and erotic, blessed by God, and satisfying far beyond what the world can even imagine. Picture that as a headline on the cover of Cosmopolitan!
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Posted: Oct 23, 2015

Planned Purity for Parents

A clearly laid out training method for parents to follow with children to prepare them to deal with sexual pressures as they grow. Includes scripts and object lessons parents can use at different ages.
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Posted: Oct 30, 2015

Porn and Your Husband

A Recovery Guide for Wives

Discovering your husband uses porn may be one of the most emotionally devastating experiences of your life. You may wonder if you did something wrong, or why you didn’t notice the signs, or whether you will ever be able to trust him again.
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Posted: May 23, 2017

Porn Nation:

Conquering America's #1 Addiction

Porn Nation captivates readers with the true story of Michael Leahy, a sex addict who only came to terms with his problem after losing his marriage and children. But it's also the story of the rest of us. It's the story of America, our porn nation. How is it affecting us? How is it changing the way we see ourselves and others? And what can be done about it?
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