Just Breathe:

Just Breathe:

All Stories Redeemable, All Brokenness Repairable, All Addictions Breakable

Just Breathe

by Keith Repult

This is for the people who are drowning in the pain of addiction.
You can be free and create a new way of life to change your life and legacy.

It is a unique story that has not been told. There have been some, though not many, books written and stories told about women leaving the porn industry and the pain it has caused. Not many men (if any) have been telling this story. The porn industry gave Keith everything he thought he wanted, but his choice to walk away from it is powerful and unique.

Just Breathe is divided into six chapters, each using a portion of Keith s story, as well as a letter from the acronym BREATHE to take people on a journey from addiction to freedom.

  • B-Blessed are the Broken
  • R-Ready to Surrender
  • E-Evaluate my Life with Fearless Honesty
  • A-Make Amends
  • TH-Think a Whole New Way
  • E-Encourage Others with My Life and Story

Resource guide in appendix with list of books and resources for further research and practical help.

We are never finished with the process and journey of growth, and the best way to keep what we have is to give it away.

Posted: Jun 23, 2017,
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Author: Keith Repult
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