Illusions of Intimacy:

Illusions of Intimacy:

Unmasking Patterns Of Sexual Addiction And Bringing Deep Healing To Those Who Struggle

Illusions of Intimacy

by Signa and Conlee Bodishbaugh

The world has been infected with the virus of sexual addiction and pornography. The material presented on our TV screens grows darker and more explicit each year,and the internet provides free passage into darker territory still. This virus is deadly, and millions are already slowly dying inside from its insidious effects. This book is an antidote to the present epidemic. It is a message of hope and not despair. It presents practical and godly ways in which freedom from this bondage can be found. It also tells the testimonies of men and women who have escaped the trap of compulsive addictions to live healthy, productive, fruitful lives.
Posted: May 22, 2017,
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