Hope After Betrayal

Hope After BetrayalHope After Betrayal
by Meg Wilson

Excellent first book for women to read after shortly after discovering their husband's betrayal. This book portrays three different women who react quite differently to their husband's betrayal as well as their own, personal healing journey. For this reason, more women are likely to identify the feelings and emotions they are experiencing through this book than in many others. A top pick for Pure Community.

Meg Wilson: There’s good news — hope is real. Regardless of what your husband has done, or is doing, there’s always hope for those who seek help. I’ve seen people do the messy work that results in the beauty of healing. I understand the joy of catching a glimmer of light where darkness once reigned. I’ve been to depths of pain unimaginable, only to find that God was deeper still. His peace and healing are within your grasp, too. You can be whole again. You can experience hope after betrayal. I can say emphatically, this is work worth doing.
Posted: Oct 23, 2015,
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Author: Meg Wilson
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