Grace Based Recovery

Grace Based Recovery Grace Based Recovery
by Jonathan Daugherty

Performance based recovery does not lead to freedom. Discover an approach that results in deeper change and is community focused. Recovery is not easy. It is often made even more difficult when recovery programs measure a member's progress only by their performance (did they act out or not). Many addicts bail out of such programs or remain locked in a system that keeps them on a treadmill of endless activity. Performance-based recovery programs never lead an addict to real freedom. This book highlights what grace-based recovery is, what it is not, how it helps addicts with such necessary steps like confession and forgiveness, why grace is the best environment for recovery, and 7 basic principles for lifelong health and freedom. It also includes helpful resources for finding, or creating, grace-based recovery environments. This book is a great resource for support group leaders, pastors, counselors, or loved ones who want to know what is really at the heart of helping addicts break free from addictive patterns.
Posted: Oct 30, 2015,
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