Daily Survival Guide for Divorced Men

Surviving & Thriving Beyond Your Divorce Days 1-91

Daily Survival Guide for Divorced Men

Dale J. Brown, PhD, will never forget the day his wife left him. Her declaration caught Brown off guard. Suddenly he was just a statistic: another divorced man.

In the dark days that followed, Brown felt alone and bereft of meaning. At his lowest point, he considered suicide. Fortunately, he reached out to his good friend Ken, a psychotherapist. With Ken’s help—and insistence that Brown not be alone at this time—Brown found his intense agony abating. But he still had much grief to process.

Brown is not alone. Men who are separated or divorced have a rate of suicide nearly 40 percent higher than that of married men, and even those who do not attempt suicide can feel sad, lonely, and helpless. Despite the pressing need evinced by this group, Brown found few resources to help men cope with the emotions brought about by divorce.

So Brown wrote the book he wished he’d had when his own marriage ended. Full of spiritual wisdom and practical advice, Daily Survival Guide for Divorced Men offers comfort and encouragement for men experiencing divorce. Readers of this book will find that they are not alone—and they can thrive even after divorce.

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