Cross Road

Cross Road

A Journey From Sex to Sanity

Cross Road

by Ken Snyder

Chances are, you’re considering this book because you’ve been unable to escape pornography……affairs, prostitutes and more. Author Ken Snyder knows the imprisonment and slavery to sex.

Cross Road is his story and that of others, going inside the mind of the sex addict and exposing the lies, the motivations, and the wreckage of lives driven by sex. It also takes you under the carpet of Christianity where this secret mountain has been swept to reveal a God with love, grace and mercy best shown in Jesus’ ministry to those in his time struggling with sex.

Through a unique brotherhood, Ken also knows and has witnessed in others healing, recovery, and truly amazing grace. Here is a book that answers the first and most important question for the struggler: Where to turn? Cross Road promises understanding, help, and something sorely lacking in most churches: honesty to confront and move a “mountain” not too big for God.
Posted: May 31, 2017,
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Author: Ken Snyder
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