Posted: Oct 30, 2015

Stop the Demand

The Role of Porn in Sex Trafficking

Stop the Demand shows the critical links between the use of pornography and the prevalence of sex trafficking. A key ingredient to the success of commercial sex is the belief that people—women and children especially—are sexual commodities, and Internet pornography is the ideal vehicle to teach and train this belief.
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Posted: Oct 16, 2015

The Wounded Heart

Though a man may find himself here because of uncontrollable sexual compulsion, if he experienced sexualization as a young child there are additional aspects of healing that need consideration. This book should be added to a man’s reading list if past childhood sexual abuse or early sexualization are a part of his story.
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Posted: Oct 23, 2015

When a Man You Love Was Abused

It is very common for a husband who struggles with compulsive sexual behaviors to have been sexually abused as a child. When this is the case, it is quite helpful for his partner to understand what he faces in his healing from past abuse, what can be done to help and what should be avoided that may be harmful to him.
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