Why Story Matters

Why Story Matters
by John Fort

Everybody loves a good story. Story engages us, with the drama, suspense and unexpected twists along the way. That is why for thousands of years most education about important concepts was always done through the telling of stories.

You have a story. It contains pain, excitement, surprise, joy and a lifetime of lessons. When it comes to teaching your children about what matters most in life, which includes sexuality, your story is probably more important than all the facts and statistics anyone could come up with.

It seems we've lost our understanding of the importance of story, particularly when it comes to educating our children. Adults, whether in school, church or home, pile up facts to convince young people about what is right or wrong. We want to show them evidence of how things can go badly if they do not choose the path we lay out in front of them. Then we are surprised when they don't seem to listen.

Listing examples of people they don't know who suffered from poor choices doesn't really feel like story. Even if it's about a real person, those illustrations feel more like cold facts than living, breathing stories we can relate to.

Besides, our children don't need to hear stories from people they've never met. That isn't nearly as interesting as hearing the story of those most important to them, namely their parents. Namely us.

Sharing how we felt when we crossed lines we were warned against, and what happened after, is very engaging. We can retell the same stories over and over, adding more information as our children are old enough to handle the added information. This way, we can "reteach" a lesson without repeating exactly the same words.

Your story matters, especially to your family. Even if we've made a mess of things, our story still teaches truth. Best of all, we don't have to go to a class, read a book or memorize a bunch of statistics before we can tell our story. We already are the expert on our story.

What story of yours does your child need to hear?

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Posted: Sep 15, 2016,
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