The Purity Pathway

The Purity Pathway

5 Markers for Walking in Purity Every Day

by Jonathan Daugherty

A life of sexual purity was God’s original intent for every human being. So the message of purity is not one that is only for the porn addict or serial cheater. God’s message of purity is for everyone. But what does it take to live in this design every day?

There are five practical markers that are necessary to engage every day if you want to pursue greater integrity and reclaim God’s original intent for your sexuality. These markers can be engaged no matter how well or poorly you might be managing your sexuality. The point is to take small steps in the right direction over time. Get started walking this path today and in a little while you will discover the life you were always meant to live.


The path to a life of purity begins with getting honest about where you have been and what you have done. This is often called confession, which means “to agree with truth.” When you tell the truth about what you have done (good or bad), you are confessing. And this is essential to being a man or woman of sexual integrity.

Daily Practice: Tell your story (confess) to God and at least one other person.
Supporting Scripture: 1 John 1:5-10
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No one successfully lives a life of sexual integrity in isolation. We all need friends on this journey. It’s a hard path to walk sometimes, and a friend can help you up when you fall and encourage you to keep going when you’re doing well. It’s called accountability and every person of integrity practices it. Live an accountable life and you will grow in your integrity.

Daily Practice: Share with at least one other person your struggles and victories, and your specific plan for purity that they can hold you accountable for.
Supporting Scripture: James 5:16
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Every decision you make starts in your mind. Therefore, what you think about matters to the choices you make. If you think about pornography and lustful fantasies, this has a direct impact on the choices you make with real people in real life. You cannot separate your thoughts from your actions. So, you must protect your mind from thoughts that would lead you to lust and selfishness. You must choose to fill your mind instead with thoughts that promote purity and love.

Daily Practice: Devote time to meditating on true beauty and goodness; memorize passages that promote pure and selfless actions.
Supporting Scripture: Philippians 4:8
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Your soul is the deepest part of your being, that place in you that feels things you can’t articulate. It is also the place within you that connects with God. Therefore, it is the most important part of you. If you ignore caring for your soul, you will live a starved existence. You must feed your soul with the presence of God and His Word if you want to grow in purity and integrity.

Daily Practice: Pray and read the Bible. (Also do this with others at least once a week.)
Supporting Scripture: Psalm 42:1
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Did you know that living a life of sexual integrity is not only about you? It’s also about your neighbor. When you live more fully into God’s design, your eyes are opened to the needs of others around you. You are no longer blinded by selfish lust, but instead you become moved by gracious compassion -- the same compassion that Jesus showed you on the cross. Your life of purity isn’t full until you are serving others from a pure, selfless heart.

Daily Practice: Seek out at least one opportunity to serve someone else with no strings attached.
Supporting Scripture: Galatians 5:13-14
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May you walk this path every day and experience the joy of living by your Creator’s design.

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