The Power of Parental Confession

The Power of Parental Confession
by Joshua Zarzana

Many conversations in life mean little to nothing; this was not one of those conversations. Perhaps after reading this, you'll agree that it was an exchange of destined consequence.

On a cool midsummer night at 9:30 pm, my phone vibrated in my pocket while watching TV. It was Dad.  Ignore or answer? I thought to myself. But Dad never called this late… I turned off the TV and answered.

"Hey Dad."

"Hey son."

The tone in his voice immediately told me that this was a call of importance. We chit chatted for ten minutes to catch up. But then silence ensued, not awkward silence, Heavy silence, that's what it was, that feeling of a moment you could never forget – even if you wanted to.

"I've been meaning to talk to you about something son." Another short pause. "I want you to know that everything in my life is going okay right now, but I have come to a major decision as of late. For years I have been struggling for purity. I keep on thinking about getting this sin into the light, but I have convinced myself for years as to why I shouldn't."

The sin Dad talked about was accessed through his computer screen. He'd made it his mistress, if you know what I mean… the same adulteress to whom many men, including myself, have gone. Dad, in a sudden and unexpected moment, confessed the depths of his heart to me. PRIDE! Pride in my father. That was the feeling that overwhelmed my heart as he spoke of his failures.

I have sometimes wondered why Dad opened up to me that night. He could have decided never to tell me about his struggle. But because of his bravery, a new dimension in our relationship exists. My dad and I now talk openly and regularly about sexual purity. We encourage each other, pray with each other, understand each other. In all honest, I don't even remember having the old birds-and-bees talk with my old man, but now we have talks that go much deeper than birds and bees. We talk in depth about what it means to be honorable men, men of purpose, men of destiny – God's destiny.

Fathers, how brave are you? Are you willing to take the courageous step my dad did? Might you find it in yourself to confess your deepest sins to your sons, knowing that it could lead to the deepest of relationships?

Oh, how I hope - hope more than I could put into words. It is the hope of a son who was changed by his father's fearless confession; a confession that shapes me toward destiny.

The Son that Chases the Father
by Joshua Zarzana

This is Joshua's story. A father who let him down, turn after turn, leading Joshua into a downward spiraling life. However, when Joshua's father called him out of the blue to confess his past sexual sins to his own son, it sparked a spiritual renewal in them both.

Joshua is also a public speaker on seeking a God of perfection through our own imperfection. To learn more about Joshua's ministry, visit:

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