Sorrow to Joy

Sorrow to Joy
by Marie Good

It was a promise God had whispered to my aching heart, years ago, that I was now experiencing! "Thank-you God for laughter" were the words that flowed easily from my 15 year old daughter's mouth after an evening of enjoying each other's company. A simple bedtime prayer for many, yet to me her statement held enormous value! Those four words cemented the quiet assurance that the Lord had spoken to my once shattered world.

It had been four years earlier when the foundation of my life seemed to drop from underneath my feet. With only the tears of sorrow left to comfort me I began to slip into a deep place of anger. My husband's betrayal became the thief that robbed me of my joy and happiness. I so desperately wanted to laugh again with my children, and yet that seemed like an empty dream with no hopes of being filled. But before the misery could completely engulf me in its deadly flames, I heard a quiet whisper, a promise from the Lord. "I will rebuild you and again you will be joyful."

And now here I was, just a few short years later, seeing the redemption of God with my own eyes!

God's grace is bigger than our sadness and His redemption is beautiful! If we allow God to take our brokenness and trust him with our wounds, He will work a miracle! Sorrow does not have to be the last chapter of our life story!

My daughter's prayer that summer evening penetrated the deep yearnings of my heart. Christ has turned my sadness into joy and I can now say "Thank-you God for laughter..."

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Posted: Sep 9, 2016,
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Author: Marie Good
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