Purity: Walking, Falling, Getting Up Again

Purity: Walking, Falling, Getting Up Again

by Jennie Bishop
Purity Works

No one yells at a baby for falling down. But as we get older and pursue a life of nobility and meaning, including sexual restraint and respect, we start to hear a lot of yelling. Our failures are pointed out and some seek to define us by them.

In the pursuit of purity, heart or body, we need the vital foundation of grace. This is not a “get my child to the altar unscathed” journey. This is not a charge to “catch” them looking at what they shouldn’t. There is no philosophy of “when you lose your virginity, you’re damaged goods.” Each “fall" is an opportunity to get up, learn, and begin again.

Virtue, honor, virginity and sexual integrity are to be highly prized, no doubt. But a war must be fought to win them, and there are casualties. In the process, we assume our children are curious, learning creatures without the baggage of fear we adults carry. They need lots of information from us at all ages, but even more, they need the certainty of forgiveness and unconditional love.

Let’s throw off the pressure of “big talk” thinking and start the adventure of a lifetime conversation. Let’s be talking about body parts and body functions naturally, and let awkward questions become learning opportunities. Our children are in the right homes; we are the right parents for them.

We taught our children to walk. We’re still teaching them. Yelling at them (or others) when they fall down won’t help. Let’s pick each other up and say, “Hey, that was a good try. Let’s go on from here.”

Purity must be that process. When we fall, we get up and get going again. When our children fall, we rescue them, instruct a bit more, and move forward. When our own pursuits seem to go awry, we take courage to find counsel and help. We press on.

Everyone can pursue purity effectively as every step and stumble, bathed in grace, leads toward greater nobility and away from selfish gratification.

PurityWorks would be delighted to help you explore ways to begin!

Purity Works

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