Posted: May 3, 2016

This ain't Mayberry

Parent's are always trying to protect their kids. This is why we often can hear them saying things such as, "Don't eat the dog's food", "Please stop pulling things out of the cat's litter box", "If you eat too much candy you will vomit", "Please stop putting peanut butter on your sister", "Take the toilet seat off of your head" and most importantly, "Wear clean underwear, because you never know when you might get into a car accident".
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Posted: Apr 29, 2016

My Biggest Lie

God has made great progress in this battle for my mind. Pornography does not rule every moment of my day anymore, although it frequently comes to mind. Stress, disappointment and disagreements with my wife bring me down to the point my instincts crave a quick shot of adrenalin. Through this battle, I hear a common lie which is the toughest to shake. That lie prevents me from claiming further victory. Maybe you can relate.
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Posted: Apr 29, 2016

Cracked Foundations

I sat out on my back porch on a beautiful sunny spring morning, sipping my pumpkin spice coffee and listening to the two little neighbor children happily playing on their swing set.  The sounds of their innocence voices took me down a delightful journey of memory lane.  My mind drifted to the early days of my life, being reminded on how sweet those days were.  At the age of 4 my eyes, nor heart, had endured deep pain.  How perfectly unblemished I was!

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Posted: Apr 16, 2016

Kids, Fantasy & Emotions

Sexual fantasy is one thing I don't see a lot of parents addressing with their children. It's almost as if we've come to accept there's not a lot we can do to help them, so we stay silent on the issue. My wife and I dared to press into this concern with our children, and we found one tool to be particularly helpful to them.
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Posted: Apr 15, 2016


Who, What, Why, When, Where, How...six small words most of us were taught in elementary school to ask when solving or understanding a problem.  Tiny in size, these words can hold the key to unlocking a mystery or harming a heart. 

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