by Marie Good      

Onions do not stink nor do they make you cry unless you peel away the outer layer of skin.  Healing is the same way. As my journey of healing crept on, there were times that it was easy to blame my broken dreams and trauma on my husband.  Yes, he is the one who caused the pain but I was the one who was choosing to hold onto the brokenness. God wanted so much more for me, He wanted me to be whole and complete in Him. Instead of casting resented blame,  I needed to allow myself to face the reality of what my husband did to me and feel the rawness of my deep oozing wound of rejection so that God could reach in and heal my heart.  

Healing looked different to me than I expected it too.  I wanted a quick zap of the Holy Spirit to reach the core of my heart. Remember in Superman how Louis forgot everything she saw when Superman kissed her?  That was what I desired, for the Lord's "kiss" to wipe away my memory so I would not remember any the nightmare I seemed to be stuck in.  As the days, weeks and years passed I realized my healing was not going to come instant.  I was one humongous onion! But with each layer that was being peeled back it was causing me to run to my Savior.  When I allowed God to heal me one layer at a time I found an intimacy with Him that had more value to me than the quick healing I so desperately thought I wanted.

Meg Wilson says in her book Hope After Betrayal "Saying the right prayer, knowing Scripture by heart, and loving the Lord doesn't mean we get to bypass pain.  Jesus doesn’t take the pain away; He walks with us and carries us through it."

It does not seem fair for you to suffer hurt and rejection because of your husband’s sin, but there is hope of feeling whole again!   God is a gentlemen and He cares so much for each one!  You can trust that He is still with you in your pain.  

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Posted: Oct 30, 2015,
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Author: Marie Good
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