Myths About Men's Sexuality—3

Myths About Men's Sexuality—3

Myth 3

by Dr. Mark Laaser

If men don't have an orgasm every 48-72 hours, they won't be able to stay sexually pure. One popular series of books about "everyman's" battle with sex advocates that women should realize how much men struggle with sex and that it is their obligation to help them by being regularly sexually available. We know this one too as Mark had learned this popular cultural belief and used the argument frequently in our early days.

It is not true, however, and is based on faulty scientific thinking. A man's brain always adjusts to whatever is put into it. The brain chemistry that is created by sex can create a "tolerance" effect. The more sex a man (or woman) has the more the brain will adjust to it. A man who comes to expect sex at a certain frequency will always want more eventually.

It is not true either that a woman has control over her husband's sexual purity. That is way too much responsibility for any other person. Yes, there are incredible sexual temptations in the world. Today, through accountability, there are many ways that any man can learn to withstand those and lead the life that God calls him to lead. Being that man should be based on emotional and spiritual health. We find that men who demand sex are really hurt and angry about a variety of issues all of which can be dealt with in healthy ways.

It is true is that a man and woman's brain expects sex, according to the original settings put there by God, one to two times a month. What is also true is that when a man doesn't get sex they can go indefinite periods of time without it. Some urologists would argue that regular sex is an important function of prostate health. While this is true to a certain degree, the body has many ways to compensate for not being sexual. No man has ever "exploded" because they haven't had enough sex.
Posted: Jan 20, 2016,
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Author: Mark Laaser
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