Myths About Men's Sexuality—1

Myths About Men's Sexuality—1

Myth 1

by Debbie Laaser & Mark Laaser, PhD

When we got married we were pretty naïve about sex. No one at home, school, or church had given us any instruction. Yet, we went off on the honeymoon expecting everything to just "work out." Little did we know that we had lots of mistaken notions about sex many of which had been modeled to us both consciously and unconsciously. Mark, for his part, was hoping that now that he could have "regular" sex, all of his struggles with lust and sexual temptations would be over. Since we had waited until marriage to be sexual, that was a logical assumption.

Over the years of our marriage we have found that sex is so much better today than ever, but along the way we have had to confront a number of sexual myths that were inside us. In this article, we'd like to share what some of those myths were about male sexuality. Some of you may still find inside your head so see if any of them sound familiar to you. As you read, ask yourself if these myths are not, in fact, beliefs you may have learned from the people and culture around you but aren't really true.

Myth 1—Men want sex and women want to talk

One author has said that sex is "his" main need and talking is "her" her main need. To believe this reduces men to only being sexual and women to only being talkative. This myth, along with the others, will result in men and women feeling they are in separate camps, enemies if you will, with competing needs. Is it really true that men don't like to talk and that women don't like sex.

The truth is that both men and women like sex and that intimate communication is a fundamental part of being "ready" and able to have sex.

Myth 2—Men always have a higher sex drive than women

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