My Biggest Lie

My Biggest Lie
by Gerard Terry

God has made great progress in this battle for my mind. Pornography does not rule every moment of my day anymore, although it frequently comes to mind. Stress, disappointment and disagreements with my wife bring me down to the point my instincts crave a quick shot of adrenalin. Through this battle, I hear a common lie which is the toughest to shake. That lie prevents me from claiming further victory. Maybe you can relate.

Just One Quick Look Won't Hurt

I still believe the lie that one quick look at a beautiful woman will give me the relief I need to feel better. After all, what is 1 minute? This is a lie because I am quickly drawn into the porn world and waste an hour or two, minimum. The truth? There is no such thing as just one quick look. Pornography grabs our thought life. It excites our passion. It captivates our will. We feel powerless to stop.

Our Best Defense

When struggles come, as they do each day, we need to have a new response. My goal is to develop new instincts to relieve my feelings of frustration. After a little practice, I am developing new instincts when the triggers of life come. I get up from my desk and quickly leave the room and my computer. I go for a walk. I make a phone call. I go to the bathroom. I climb the stairs in my high-rise building. I get something to eat. I pray. Breaking the immediate thought of pornography makes all the difference, since a thought is where sin begins. Master that thought and master this habit.

The Bible's View of "Thought Control"

Paul's comments in the New Testament confirm the battle we are in for our mind. "We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5. How do we "take captive every thought" and make them "obedient to Christ"? We plan ahead. We develop a strategy. Paul does not sound like the kind of guy who sits back and lets habits run the show. He uses words like "demolish" and "captive". He is a man with a plan. The word "demolish" suggests an offensive strategy. "Take captive" implies we are in control of a fantasy which pops into our head. The discipline of mastering a thought instinctively, before it develops into an action (like a quick Google search for pornography), is powerful. After a while, we develop new instincts and practice new habits. Our new habit begins to rule our conduct when triggers come.

Don't Believe the Lie

Never believe the lie. Pornography is way too powerful for us to flirt with the idea that we can take a quick peek and then go about our business. Porn is out to destroy your life, your family and your career. In this battle, develop a plan and work that plan. The first step is to control our porn use is by creating new habits. When dangerous thoughts come your way, work your plan, and flee the temptation. Slowly, new habits will replace the old and you will find yourself on the path to freedom.
Posted: Apr 29, 2016,
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Author: Gerard Terry
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