How to Talk to Young Kids About Pornography

How to Talk to Young Kids About Pornography
by Kristen Jenson
From Protect Young Minds

In today’s digitally saturated world, it’s not a question of IF kids will be exposed to porn; it’s a matter of WHEN. But how do we tackle this daunting conversation with our kids? Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds gives us the script we need to empower even the youngest children with their first internal filter.

How often do we snuggle with our little ones reading a story? It’s a familiar format and a safe place. The fact that we’re also talking about something important for their safety is just icing on the cake.

Here are five reasons parents will love this book:

1. An easy approach to a sensitive subject. Some parents don’t feel comfortable using the word “pornography.” Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. takes this into account, instead using the term “bad pictures.” The p-word appears only once, on an optional “sticky note.”

2. A matching set. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. is actually part of a series. The first book, Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids, is a detailed narrative more appropriate for ages 7-12, while the Jr. version uses simple words and short sentences geared toward younger children, ages 3-6. Now families can own both books, accommodating children of all ages.

3. A practical action plan. Ask any kid, and they probably know what to do if they catch on fire: Stop, Drop, & Roll. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. gives kids a plan for pornography that is just as easy to remember: Turn, Run, & Tell. It even includes actions and gives them a chance to practice: turning away from the bad picture, running away, and telling a trusted adult.

4. The earlier, the better. Many parents wonder when to teach their kids about the dangers of pornography. The answer is: as soon as they have any access to the internet. Sadly, now kids--even preschoolers--are in constant danger of encountering “bad pictures,” especially when there’s a portal to porn in every pocket. But with Turn, Run, and Tell kids can feel empowered in these situations.

5. Wholesome family fun. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. was designed to be read aloud, and when that happens the opportunities for participation are endless. Whether kids are looking for little hidden cameras in the paintings or doing the actions along with the book, child participation is encouraged from beginning to end.

The scene is set. Your kids are ready. The internet is on 24/7. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of Good Pictures Bad Pictures, Jr. and give your children the power to Turn, Run, & Tell! Available on Amazon. For international shipping outside the U.S. including Canada, click here.

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Posted: Aug 28, 2017,
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