by Marie Good

In the dawn of the Easter season I was reminded of a story that I read in the book A LIFE Recovery Guide for Spouses by Melissa Haas. This short account gave me a practical perspective of what Jesus did for me (and my spouse) on the cross. I would like to share this meaningful scenario with you.

Imagine that you and your spouse are standing in a courtroom. God is sitting in the judge's seat, and Jesus is standing in between you and your spouse. The charges have been read, and God asks your spouse one question: "How will you repay this debt?" Your spouse, looking into the eyes of God, shamefully but honestly answers in a small voice, "I can't." Then God looks at you and asks you one question: "What will you have me do to your mate?"

"Very well", God says. He motions to the officials in the courtroom. They walk toward you and your spouse, but instead of taking your spouse away, they take the arm of Jesus.

"What's going on?" you ask. Your spouse looks astonished as well.

God answers, "Before this trial, your Advocate came to me and told me He wanted to pay the debt for your spouse. I agreed that whatever you asked me to do to your spouse, He would have done to Him.

Your heart is filled with a wave of grief and anger it has never known before. You begin to protest.

Then God, with tears running down His face, looks at the both you and your spouse and says, "You are both free. Your advocate, My Son, has paid the debt for the sin and the cost of forgiveness. Go, and live in peace."

Stunned, you both leave the courtroom.

I began to realize that the debt that was owed to me, by my husband's betrayal, had already been paid. Melissa Haas continues on by saying, "If you want to be whole, there must come a time when you release your spouse from the debt he/she owes you and allows what Christ has offered on behalf of your husband or wife to be enough."

I pray we never take for granted the sacrifice that Jesus willingly gave so that we can experience the freedom that comes from forgiveness.
Posted: Apr 9, 2016,
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Author: Marie Good
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