Five Common Roots of Sexual Addiction

Five Common Roots of Sexual Addiction

Part 3 - The Trauma Factor

by Jayson Graves

The third most common type of sexual addiction is called Trauma-Induced and is the result of sexual trauma. Sexual trauma means "any event that alters or damages a person’s self-perception or understanding of healthy sexuality." This can range from normal childhood experiences like “playing doctor” or exploring to actual acts of rape, incest or molestation.

Something can become traumatic when there is either a power differential or emotional distress in the experience: either someone else initiated it, they were bigger or stronger or older or simply more experienced than you or you felt scared, guilty or shameful during or as a result. The addiction lies in the compulsion to repeat the trauma so if you can look at your "acting-out" behaviors and see patterns that are similar to sexual or quasi-sexual experiences in your younger, more impressionable years (often into early adulthood), there may be some trauma to address.

I can see this in my own story in that not only was I molested by a male scout leader and a female babysitter around 8-10 years old but I began being sexual with boys and girls in the neighborhood shortly thereafter on a daily basis until I was about 15 or 16. This tapered down in late high school and early college but while the behaviors became more sporadic, I was still trying to recreate the same things from childhood as an adult in an attempt to feel like I was in control or to give me the illusion of power, affirmation and value.

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