Should I Tell My Child About Pornography?

Should I Tell My Child About Pornography?

Part 2

by Kristen Jenson, MA

It's inevitable: the media (and often friends) will arouse your kids' curious about sexualized images. But if these outside influences introduce your child to the XXX world, you may never find out until it's too late. Instead of prevention, now you're talking about recovery. (Believe me, I've heard countless stories to back this up.)

That's why I believe that it's much more risky if parents wait to start this conversation.

Kids are curious!

Kids' brains are hard-wired to be curious and that's exactly why parents need to talk to their kids about pornography earlier rather than later. I join many experts who believe that the days are long gone when parents could avoid the subject of pornography in the hope of not fostering curiosity.

Preparation for Family Meetings about Pornography:
  1. Establish or review your family rules about Internet use. (Don't have them yet? Look here for help.)
  2. Prepare to explain why the rules are in place. (Pornography is highly addictive, hurts families, and is linked to human trafficking. Our family wants to protect our brains, our relationships and we don't want to add to society's problems.)
  3. Review your filtering options, making sure all devices are protected and that kids understand why your family uses them. (Click here for a review of filters and here for a post written by a mom who uses two levels of filters.)

Recommended Actions with Kids:
  1. Hold a family meeting to review your family's media standards, Internet access rules and reasons for using filters. (Don't forget to serve some yummy treats!)
  2. Read (or re-read!) Good Pictures Bad Pictures to your kids to explain the simple science behind addiction and teach them the CAN DO Plan to keep their brains safe.
  3. Model appropriate ways to respond to pornography. Tell your kids what you do when you're exposed to it. Let them hear how you use the CAN DO Plan.

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Posted: Dec 8, 2015,
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