Myths About Men's Sexuality—4

Myths About Men's Sexuality—4

Myth 4

by Dr. Mark Laaser

If men can't get enough sex from their wives, they will have no choice but to seek it elsewhere. This belief can be very dangerous and lead some men to very sinful extremes such as pornography and even affairs. We have found that some Christian men even use this belief to justify a habit of masturbating believing that "everybody does it" so it is the norm and nothing is wrong with it. It is true that most men, and even women these days, experiment with masturbation. While that is "normal" it is not normal to get involved in an ongoing pattern of doing it. Even those who justify it saying that they only think of their wife are misguided.[1]

It is true is that there is no reason to justify any kind of sexual acting out by a man. Husbands who blame their wife and use their lack of sexual passion as an excuse to do so are very misguided. God calls all men to be pure. There are spiritual disciplines that everyman can use to depend on God and not on sex. When a man uses scripture to demand that his wife "serve" him in sexual ways, he is guilty of a very angry form of spiritual abuse.

[1] Mark has written an article about masturbation and why it is not normal, even sinful.  You can also find this on Faithful & True Ministry's website:
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