Myths About Men's Sexuality—2

Myths About Men's Sexuality—2
Myth 2—Men always have higher sex drives than women.

by Debbie Laaser & Mark Laaser, PhD

This is related to the first myth. Sex drive in both men and women really varies and is related to so many factors. There is cultural learning that we have received. Some of us were sexually abused in some way as children or adolescents. Medically, both men and women have testosterone in their bodies and the level of that can really vary based on our genetics. It can also vary particularly as we get older. In our experience and according to some research, some men have lower sex drive for one of these reasons and their wives have a higher one. Given the myth, the men who have a low sex drive and the women who have a high sex drive may think they are really strange. Feeling that leads to sexual shame.

It is true that sex drives in men and women vary. Couples need to work together to arrive at a level of sexuality that is comfortable for them.

Myth 1—Men want sex and women want to talk
Posted: Oct 16, 2015,
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Author: Mark Laaser
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