Men: Get Back in the Battle

Men:  Get Back in the Battle
by Tony Ingrassia

As a pastor and a professional counselor, I've noticed an alarming trend among many Christian men - they've simply given up in the battle for their own sexual purity. Even though the activities these men engage in - like Internet Pornography - are often in violation of their very own conscience, they've simply acquiesced and are no longer even fighting back. One big reason men give up in this way is because of their miserable track record. After failing repeatedly, many men surrender to the lies that they cannot change, and they're going to fail anyway, so what's the difference? By giving up in this way, the enemy of their soul has them exactly where he wants them - defeated and neutralized - far from the warrior poets they're called to be in the kingdom of God.

Can you relate to the temptation of giving up? One thing's for sure... if you're going to be a man of sexual purity in this day and age, it's not going to happen accidentally, and you're going to have to intentionally get back in - and stay in - the battle for your purity. This will not necessarily be easy, but that is after all why it is a "battle." I can guarantee 3 things that will not happen, and therefore your sexual purity better not be predicated upon any one of them:

  1. All the temptation in the world will somehow miraculously disappear so you'll never be tempted again, and you'll therefore be delivered from the battle.
  2. You'll somehow come to the place where it becomes effortless for you to resist temptation, and you'll therefore be delivered from the battle.
  3. The devil will somehow magically experience a paradigm shift in how he operates and will no longer tempt you to disobey God, and you'll therefore be delivered from the battle.
Reality check! Instead, here are 3 practical suggestions that can empower you to get back in the battle, and all 3 concern important relationships in your life.

  1. Your relationship with yourself. You must be in a healthier relationship with yourself, where you realize you're fighting for your own life and soul, the spiritual legacy you're leaving your children and grandchildren, and for who and what you're going to be and accomplish in the kingdom of God.
  2. Your relationship with others. The simple fact is that you cannot fight and win the battle for purity all by yourself. If you're serious about the battle, you absolutely must find a few other brothers who are ready and willing to be honest, transparent, vulnerable, and real with each other. God intends for us to be in authentic community, and together we can do what we could never do alone.
  3. Your relationship with God. You will not be a man of purity if you have a mere religion thing going on with God, as opposed to a true relationship thing. You will not be a man of purity if you have a head thing going on with God, rather than a heart thing. Jesus said a branch cannot bear fruit if it is not connected to the vine (John 15:5), and ultimately it's our sincere and genuine relationship with God that will empower us to be the men of purity that God is calling us to be.
By God's grace and mercy, when you get back in the battle, and stay in the battle, purity is possible!

Tony Ingrassia is a pastor, professional counselor, and author. To hear the candid story of Tony's personal struggle with sexual sin and brokenness, and for additional resources to equip you in the battle for purity, visit and subscribe to the Power of Purity podcast.
Posted: May 13, 2016,
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