All You Have to Offer is Your Brokenness

All You Have to Offer is Your Brokenness
by Danniel L. Weiss
Brushfires Foundation

I was recently sitting with a friend by the pool. I felt compelled to share a story I had told no one in years.

"Did I ever tell you about the time...?"

I opened up a dark and formative part of my past with someone. It involved an incident that I had handled, for which I had sought and received forgiveness, for which I had made amends. Then I packed it up gently and put it on the top shelf of an unused closet in a back bedroom of my life. I thought there was no need for me to ever mention it again.

When I shared the story with my friend that night, I was amazed to experience a freedom I didn’t know I needed. I was so struck by the feeling that I decided to share my story of failure later on with my men’s group. It was even more liberating. This freedom came from simply allowing the truth of my life to align with my public persona.

A funny thing happened in that men’s group. Others began to share some of their deep struggles, too. And, as each one shared he was met with support, encouragement, prayer, love and acceptance. The isolation, shame and fear was gone. We had discovered the freedom to be sinners together and to offer encouragement and support to one another. True Christian fellowship!

Some months later, the friend who sat with me at the pool shared a thought he encountered in The Cure by John S. Lynch.

"Your brokenness is designed to bring out the identity, calling and thriving of another person."

How many of us have ever thought that our brokenness could actually be a gift to another? We are trained to think of weakness or illness as a burden to others, never as a blessing.

You have a gift to offer the world. This gift is yourself with all your unique stories, dreams, and even failures. Take courage and let God call you into greater integrity and freedom. And, understand that all of us are on that journey together.

The Brushfires Foundation is a Christ-centered 501(c)3 ministry helping people to discover and live toward God's plan for sexuality and relationships, and equipping them to spark change by serving others.

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