5 Back to School Dangers

5 Back to School Dangers
by Kristen Jenson
From Protect Young Minds

Back to school can be exciting for kids (and parents)! And of course, we want to believe our children will be in a completely safe environment. But the unpleasant truth is that kids, even very young children, need to be prepared to face 5 types of dangers from pornography when they leave your home and head to class.

Elementary Kids Exposed to Porn at School

I’ll never forget talking to Lydia, a mom of three elementary school girls–two of whom were exposed to pornography while doing projects on a classroom computer! Luckily they were prepared by their mom and knew exactly how to respond by shutting down the computer and telling the teacher.

Not all kids know to do this. In one instance, her daughter’s classmates searched for and found the same pornographic picture the next day! And these were 3rd graders!
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Posted: Aug 18, 2017,
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