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New Life - Intimacy in Marriage

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New Life - Intimacy in Marriage
If you want something better than the marriage you have and are ready to experience an astounding richness in your relationship, New Life has designed a life-changing weekend to give you the tools to develop a healthy, healing intimacy. Whether your marriage is in crisis, or you simply need to fine-tune some things, this weekend will help you develop the marriage you’ve always wanted. You’ll experience a new level of connection you’ve always hoped for. What is Intimacy When people hear the word intimacy, many equate it to sex. True intimacy is much more than a physical connection. Intimacy involves the mixing of our life with another, a mingling of souls, a sharing of hearts. This is something we all long for because it’s how God made us. We were designed to connect. Intimacy means “In-To-Me-See”. Throughout this weekend workshop, we will discuss various types of intimacy and the challenges of experiencing true intimacy: •Emotional Intimacy – awareness of our self (thoughts, feelings, experiences) and our relationships with others, and wounds •Spiritual Intimacy – our relationship with God and how that impacts our personal relationships. •Physical Intimacy – discovering that true sexual intimacy is really a by-product and result of non-sexual intimacies.

Courtyard DFW Airport North/Grapevine
Grapevine, TX 76051

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