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Bethesda Workshops - Healing for Teen Males & Their Parents

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Bethesda Workshops - Healing for Teen Males & Their Parents

This clinical intensive workshop is family-based, rather than a program just for the adolescent boys themselves. Whoever is identified as the boy’s parents (whether parents or step-parents – those who have primary residential and legal responsibility for the teen) are REQUIRED to attend. For your son to heal and that healing to last, parents must be part of the process. Struggling adolescent boys are much more likely to change in the context of family-based healing. That environment takes some of the pressure off, as they realize the treatment focus isn’t solely on them as the “problem.” It’s vital that the whole family be involved in a coordinated process of understanding, growth, and change.

The workshop is a GROUP process where multiple families attend at the same time (normally four to six families). The participants move between brief educational segments, activities, and group settings. Some of the groups are separate gatherings of the boys and the parents, where each population has a safe space to share their challenges as a family. Other groups are family therapy (with the boys and parents together) in a multi-family group setting, meaning one or two other families will be part of the group. The intensive is active, experiential, and engaging for both the teen and the parents.

Participation is limited to six families. Individual counseling is not part of the workshop, but each family gets significant dedicated attention within the group setting. A family greatly benefits from observing other families’ work, as well as from doing their own.

The workshop is clinical, meaning all the leaders are at least master’s level, licensed counselors who are specifically trained in treating sexual addiction from a family-systems perspective. We use a comprehensive approach that addresses not only the acting out behavior, but also its roots and the dynamics of the family system that is involved. Each teen develops a specific recovery plan to guide his process after the workshop. Each family also formulates a plan to guide their interactions and expectations.

Research and experience shows that families with a struggling teen benefit from family therapy as well as help for the teen individually and for her parents. We strongly recommend that a family be engaged with a therapist before attending the workshop and continue their healing process with appropriate therapeutic help after the workshop. [Note: If the teen is not currently in counseling, he and his parents must separately complete an intake phone session with one of our clinicians to be sure the workshop is an appropriate fit for your situation.]

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