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Reunion: Marriage Recovery Course

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Reunion: Marriage Recovery Course
If you need to re-connect, re-ignite, or even resurrect your marriage then Reunion is for you. It's designed to help a husband and wife who need a marriage tune-up, or maybe even more than that. Reunion helps them experience a deeper relationship with Christ and the resulting intimacy with one another.

It's not an's a 17-week marriage "journey" that includes teaching and practical applications in a safe, confidential small group atmosphere. Mentor couples who lead the groups will pray for and encourage you. Registration is required for the upcoming September Reunion. You also need a private session with a pastor as a couple, before signing up, and we're meeting with couples now. Because space is limited, please connect with our Marriage Ministry Pastor as soon as possible, to do so, contact Pastor Debi Mills.

Beaverton Foursquare Church
13565 SW Walker Road
Beaverton, Oregon

September - December, 2018

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