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Women Restored Conference

Event date: 4/21/2017 - 4/23/2017 Export event

Women Restored Conference
Keynote Speaker: Janie Lacy

Janie Lacy has a passion to reach out and help people grow and mature through difficult life situations. She has a relational approach and a unique ability to connect with individuals. Drawing upon her broad range of experience in private practice, not-for-profit organizations, hospitality and the medical industry, she has helped countless people in many arenas of life. She offers keen insight on all aspects of relationships – family, marriage, parenting, dating, and personal growth.

Session Speakers
  • • Cultivating Authentic Relationships - Jackie Chambers
  • • Practicing Self Care - Tina Harris
  • • Understanding the Neurochemistry of Addiction - Heather Kolb
  • • Navigating Family Systems Issues - Ashley Jameson
  • • Discovering Healthy Intimacy - Debby Flanagan
  • • Training Group Leaders - Shari Chinchen
  • • Parenting the Adolescent Brain - Heather Kolb
  • • Creating Healthy Boundaries - Rebecca Vander Meer

Macleay Conference & Retreat Center
2887 74th Ave SE
Salem, OR 97301

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SEMINARS or conferences are lead by experts, as with counseling or an intensive, but there is typically far less interaction between those who attend. A seminar is only community if we work to make it that. Try to attend with a couple of friends. Share about what you are learning. Meet someone new at the event. These are times of learning, to hear a new voice. We recommend trying to attend one every year or two, as a goal.

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